Which house is the best value in your area?

Best Value HomeZone, a furniture retailer based in the UK, has come up with a list of the top 50 homes in the country based on price, amenities and quality.

HomeZone has ranked the top 5 UK home zones, based on affordability, style, amenities, house style, size, price and the number of bedrooms.

It also has an article on the best cities to live in.

It lists the top 10 best cities for people who like to live and work, and the top 40 cities for those who like a smaller town or city.

The article includes a guide to the top ten best cities in the US, with New York at number one, and Los Angeles at number 10.

Here’s a look at the top five UK houses, based in terms of price, layout, amenities.

The cheapest house on the list is the £5m-£8m Estate by the Lake, in Lincolnshire.

It has a double decker living room, kitchen, dining room, library, pool table, dining area and a terrace.

The main bedroom has a queen-sized bed and a queen size shower.

The second bedroom has an en-suite with a queen bed and queen-size bathroom.

The third bedroom has double queen beds, and is split into two bedrooms with a king-sized bathroom.

It is priced at £3,500 a month.

It comes with a 3-bedroom, 1,800sq ft property in Northamptonshire.

It comes with an 11-bedroom property in Gloucestershire, with a further two bedrooms, a 2-bathroom house and an 8-bath house.

The property also comes with two cars, a gym, and two private swimming pools.

The house also has a garden with swimming pool and tennis courts.

Home Zone says: “For a price of £4,000 a month, you can enjoy all of the same things as the Estate by Lake, but with the same amenities.

The best part is the fact that you can also enjoy the lifestyle of the average homeowner.”

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