When was the last time you got a gift card for a contemporary furniture purchase?

Fox News asked a panel of experts on how Americans are spending their money and received responses ranging from $100 to $20,000, the amount a typical household will spend on a giftcard for a typical furniture purchase.

The average consumer spends $1,000 a year on gift cards. 

The experts agreed that the amount of money spent on giftcards is likely lower than the actual value of gift cards, and the average consumer’s ability to spend the money will vary based on where they live.

The experts were asked if gift cards could be a source of savings in the future.

“Yes, they do,” said Joe DeGraw, an associate professor of economics at the University of Michigan, who previously served as an economist at the National Retail Federation.

“But if you do this with the right mindset, you can do it with the money you already have.”

The experts agreed the best place to start is with the amount the consumer would spend on furniture and other items.

If the consumer is saving $10 or $20 per month, they could spend $5 or $10, said Andrew Ritz, a senior economist at Wells Fargo.

If that consumer is spending $100 or more a month, the typical household spends $10 to $15 a month.

The savings from gift cards can be used to offset the purchase of new furniture, he said.

The cost of furniture is a major source of revenue for the furniture and furniture related retail businesses, and that revenue depends on the consumer’s spending habits.

In general, the bigger the spending, the higher the cost of the purchase.

But there are exceptions to that rule.

“For some people, there’s not enough spending to make up for the loss in revenue,” Ritz said.

The experts also noted that a smaller portion of gift card spend is spent in the form of gifts and household items that aren’t related to furniture.

The value of a gift is based on the cost to the recipient.

For example, a gift of a sweater could be worth less than a gift that’s given to a friend.

The gift card debate is not new.

In a 2013 study, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found that the average American spends $200 on gift card purchases.

A survey by research firm BrandIndex, which is based in New York, found that 58 percent of Americans said they don’t think gift cards are worth the money.

“I don’t know what we’ve learned from this.

But I think it’s been a very interesting conversation,” said Chris Sacca, chief economist for retail and consumer insights at SAC Capital Markets.

Sacca said it’s possible gift cards would become more popular as consumers learn more about them.

The Consumer Financial Security Act of 2010 requires credit card issuers to notify customers about the credit limits on gift and card transactions, and they’re required to verify that a customer is a legitimate cardholder before they process a gift.

But for now, Sacca said, the cost savings on giftcard purchases is limited because people spend a lot of money on furniture, appliances, and other everyday items.SAC Capital also said it expects that more consumers will start using gift cards to pay for their home improvement and other purchases.

For a typical family of four, SAC said, it’s expected that an average household will use gift cards $30 to $40 on average each year.

Sacca predicts that the percentage of giftcard spending will increase in the next few years, because people will be more aware of the cost and value of their gift card spending.

Sacc also said that gift cards may be more attractive to people who have trouble paying their bills, such as people who owe creditors money and are unable to make their payments.

For people who are unable or unwilling to pay their bills on time, a credit card could be an option, he added.

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