When to use a hammer

The hammer is your friend when you want to build your own home.

But there’s one little problem with it: it can destroy stuff.

“You know the drill,” says Robyn Krieger.

“A hammer blows things out of proportion,” she says.

She teaches home renovations at the College of Toronto.

“The hammer is not the ideal tool for building a home,” she tells Global News.

She and her colleagues at the program, which works with about 1,200 students from the community, are advocating for the use of a hammer in their classroom projects.

They’re using it in a project on the front porch of their own home to build a new patio.

Kriege says there are several hammer-related safety issues that come with building a house with a hammer.

First, the hammer has a high risk of being knocked over by furniture, and she says this can lead to broken or missing parts.

“When you do that you can have things falling out,” she explains.

Second, if the hammer is dropped or struck while the hammer’s being moved, it can result in an injury.

“There’s a lot of times that you’re going to get an injury from that, but we try to prevent that.”

The hammer’s impact will be enough to knock a car or a person over, but Krieer says it can also cause structural damage to the structure, such as cracking.

And she warns it can cause other problems if you don’t use a protective net to catch the hammer and move it to a safe place before you get into the house.

She also says that the hammer could become a safety hazard in the backyard and on the patio if you’re using a large, heavy item like a tree branch.

“If you don.t use a net you’ll end up with your hand on the tree,” she warns.

Kriegers students are asking the provincial government to update the building code and provide a hammer safety plan.

Krikie’s program is one of many that has been working to build safer homes.

But they say they’re also looking for more tools that are safer to use.

“We’re also trying to educate the builders on safety,” Krieber says.

They want to educate them on using the proper tools and how to avoid falling over.

“It’s really important that we’re taking a safety course on these tools so we can be safer,” she adds.

In fact, Kriegers program currently has one student who is taking a hammer course and is doing well.

She says it’s not a bad thing to learn the basics.

“But we want to make sure that when you’re building a new home, that you don.”

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