What’s the best bar in Jerusalem?

I’ve been to many great places to eat, drink and relax.

Here are five great places in Jerusalem to do just that.

Read more: The Jerusalem District’s new restaurants and bars are the first to be open in the country for years.

There’s no shortage of bars to choose from, but here are my favorites.

My favorite bar is a new, innovative establishment in Beit Jala that I like so much I named it after it.

It’s located in the old Ottoman Sultan Saad Hotel, where there are plenty of old Ottoman-era buildings.

It’s called Bar Yizna.

It opened this year.

The bar has a modern feel, and it’s located on the corner of Erev Shabbat street.

A great place to go with friends or for an afternoon.

It has a bar with live music.

It also has a nice outdoor seating area.

It gets a lot of visitors.

It hosts parties every Friday night and has a good selection of drinks.

The menu is really good.

If you’re looking for a great spot to watch a soccer game, you should definitely check out Bar Siyas, which is located in a beautiful building near Beit Kishim.

Another great place for a movie, and a great place also to enjoy the outdoor dining area.

This bar has two TVs.

They’re pretty cool.

There are also a lot more TVs than other bars in the area.

The restaurant is a little pricey, but the quality is good.

It even has a movie projector and some great TVs.

Bar Tzachar is a nice spot for a quiet, comfortable evening in the city.

I’ve been going to Bar Tzatziki a lot over the past few years.

It is a bar located in Beis Shalev, which has been renovated.

The place has a great atmosphere, and the staff are really friendly.

It was one of the first bars in Jerusalem that opened for years, and they’re still around.

They also host parties every Thursday night.

This bar has three TVs and has live music every Thursday evening.

Here’s a great bar for watching the World Cup.

The owner has his own TV, which makes it really cool.

The bar has good cocktails and they’ve got some great beer selections.

The service is great and the drinks are pretty good.

I recommend checking it out if you want to see how the World Cups are going.

Beirut’s most famous bar is the famous Kala Kana, located at the edge of Beirut.

This place is really popular and has an old-school feel to it.

You can go in to get a drink or just relax.

It will be a little hard to find a place to watch the World Series, but if you’re in Beiruts surroundings, this bar is definitely worth checking out.

On weekends, you can also go to the best place to get food in the capital: the Fatima Restaurant.

Fatima is a great restaurant and a very popular spot to go to in the Old City.

It started out as a restaurant and then expanded to become a restaurant, bar and café.

Fatimas mainstay is the classic beef tartare, which it’s known for making every day.

It serves a delicious combination of meat and vegetables, and you can customize it to your taste with different sauces, sauces and meats.

You’ll get a big plate of meat, but it’s also served with salad, potato salad and bread.

It can be a bit pricey, and Fatima has a small seating area, but that’s a good thing.

The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable about all things Fatima.

One of my favorite places to watch football is the Beit Hayir soccer field.

It stands out among the other fields in Be’er Sheva, as well as in the other areas of Beit Sheva.

The stadium is also popular with tourists, so you can enjoy it for a few hours while you’re there.

You should definitely make the trek to Beit Hersh, which sits next to Be’ers Old City and is a popular destination for tourists.

This field is located at a very interesting intersection of two roads, which you can see from both directions.

For a relaxing place to unwind, I like to go there for a nice picnic.

There is an outdoor seating room that has a few tables for seating.

The views are amazing from the field.

You will be surrounded by trees and it will be quite beautiful.

The food is amazing, and there are many different kinds of dishes available.

In addition to the food, I love to go for a night of music.

There’s a small dance club in the neighborhood called Jaffa Club, and I like the music that is played there.

It attracts a lot people.

 I love to watch soccer matches on a beautiful outdoor field. This

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