What you need to know about the world’s top 10 cities for vacationers

In the United States, cities like New York and Boston rank among the world leaders for both the amount of vacation time people spend and the number of vacation days per capita, according to a study released this week by TripAdvisor.

They’re followed by New York, which comes in at number 11 on our list of the world top 10 destinations for vacationing.

The top 10 most popular destinations for people to visit in the U.S. according to TripAdviser are New York (6), Seattle (6) and Los Angeles (6).

The top 10 least popular are Orlando (9), Atlanta (9) and Las Vegas (9).

The study, conducted by Trip Advisor and the Travel Industry Association, also found that the majority of people have visited at least one of the top 10 and the top 20 cities.

It also found some surprises about the best vacation destinations in the country.

Las Vegas ranked among the top 15 cities for average days per person spent, but that number actually fell to fourth place from seventh place in the survey.

The lowest ranked city was in China, which ranked fifth on our top 10 list.

TripAdvisor also ranked the cities in the top ten most popular for families, with Honolulu at number one and Las Colinas at number two.

The top two are Honolulu and Seattle, and the three most popular cities for couples are Portland, Oregon, and Seattle.

As a bonus, the survey found that Hawaii ranked as the most livable state in the United Kingdom.

The survey asked people how much they would pay to visit the U: less than $20 per person, less than £30 per person or more than £50 per person.

Hawaii came in at second-most-livable, behind New Zealand, at £25 per person per day.

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