This house was built by a guy who used to build cars for the Army

When you have to buy a house to keep from falling off the roof, the first question is always “where’s the water?”

When you’ve had to build it from scratch, the next question is “where are the sprinklers?”

If you’re thinking that the answer is “just in case,” then you’re not alone.

Many Americans build their homes from scratch in the hopes that a flood or fire or some other disaster will force them to leave their homes.

This is especially true for older people and those who have suffered from a long illness.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to build their houses as a way of managing the stress of retirement or dealing with a stroke.

As they age, many of us find it more difficult to move around and be with family members.

But the construction of a house can also be a way for Americans to reclaim some of the old possessions that we lost.

The houses are often built to withstand hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes and fires.

Many of these houses are designed to withstand these conditions.

But what if you didn’t need a house?

What if you could build a house for yourself?

The story of a man named Tom Bowers has been told before, but he really made his name building his own home.

His house is known as the “Big House” and he is best known for building it himself in 1959.

The Big House is home to a small, simple home that can be built in as little as six weeks.

Tom Bower Built the Big House to live in Tom Bowles home, but when Hurricane Irene hit, the family needed help.

The floodwaters began to wash away most of the house.

He knew he needed to get help, so he made the trip to New Orleans.

Bowers family would not leave their home until they got help.

Tom and his wife, Lillian, had never built a home before.

In addition to his wife and children, he had never even seen his own house until he saw the Big Houses.

He had been told that the Big houses are built in order to protect from hurricanes, and that they are not meant for living on the beach.

He decided to build the house on his own.

He did not want to buy any of the land from the town and built his own, so it took him only six weeks to build his house.

Bower built the house in three different locations.

The house in front of the Bower family home, in the neighborhood of North Myrtle Beach, North Carolina.

The building in the woods on the property of the family of three who lived in the house, in North Myrtles, South Carolina.

And the building in front, on the Bowers’ property, in West Myrtle, South Georgia.

Tom’s story started when he was a young boy.

He built the Big house on the side of his parents’ farm, which was a little out of town.

At first, the house was a single room with a kitchen and bathrooms.

Later, he added the second and third bedrooms.

Eventually, he built a larger, four-bedroom home.

When he got older, Tom was more and more involved in the community and the farm.

The Bowers would often go out to see their family and visit with friends.

His mother would go out with him to see friends or to visit his family.

When Tom was in middle school, he started to build an ice cream parlor and a movie theater.

His father would also go out and play on the farm or play cards with the family.

He also went out with friends to the movies to see what new films were coming out.

Tom eventually built his family a small home on the same land he grew up on.

It was named the Bighouse and they named the house the Big Family.

It’s located in Westmouis, South and has a garage, laundry, a kitchen, a living room, living room area, porch and a dining room.

The first house Tom built in 1959 was a home with a two-story basement.

It had two floors of living space and a small bathroom.

Tom also built his first garage.

He took the original garage door off the building and used it as a garage door to create a one-story garage.

In 1962, Tom and Lillian built their first home on land they had purchased from a man they had befriended in the grocery store.

The family built their home on a plot of land that was part of a farm that they had owned.

It took them about four years to build this home.

Tom built the first home to live on a farm.

Tom moved to North Myrtles in 1959 after completing his degree in plumbing.

He and Lillie bought the land where the BigHouse was built and the Big family bought the farm and all of the surrounding properties.

In 1967, Tom bought a small ranch home in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Tom married Lillian in 1972. In

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