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Kane’s ‘stewardly’ star has more money than ‘crappy’ stars

The NHLPA has asked the NHL to clarify the salary cap, which has increased from $7.1 billion to $8.6 billion this season.The increase is in addition to the $2 billion in additional revenue the league expects from the expansion draft, which will bring the total to $5.8 billion this coming season.The increase in salary cap […]

How to save money in the store

You’ve probably noticed a big change lately in how stores have advertised.For one thing, they’re more aggressive about using words like “grocery,” “store,” “and” instead of the old-fashioned “stores,” “stores” and “stores.”You can even get rid of the word “family” altogether by using the word just “family.”And in an effort to boost sales, Walmart and […]

Al Jazeera’s #OmniLife segment takes viewers behind the scenes of the #Omnivore Challenge: Living with animals

A week after its launch, #OmpiLife, a program from the nonprofit organisation Omnivore Action, is gaining traction with animal activists worldwide.On Thursday, the online platform released a special edition of the show that covers the lives of all of the 1.6 billion animals that live on Earth.The segment takes listeners behind the scene of the […]

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