My wife’s dream house is not going to happen, but it will be nice

By The Wall Street Journal’s Lina Khan The new house in her backyard will have a big view of the ocean and a window that opens onto a pool.

But it will also have an old-school sofa, a TV, a bookcase, a fridge, and a sofa bed, with all the furniture and decor from her own home.

The idea for the new home came after her husband and I became engaged, and the idea of buying a big, big house seemed too big for the two of us to afford.

It was also a bit scary.

“I just couldn’t imagine having two houses,” she said.

But now, with our own little space, we’re excited about this house.

My wife’s big dream was to own a big house, and I just couldn- not.

But I think we’ve got to think bigger, and we’re going to get a lot bigger than we thought we were going to.

“My wife wanted to buy a huge house, so we just thought, ‘What if I just built one house?'” she said, adding, “I was like, ‘Why?

We could build a small house, or a smaller house, but that was too big. “

But the biggest challenge was that we didn’t want to build a house we had to move in every year.

“So I did it.” “

But I had this great feeling, that if I built a house that big, it would be nice,” she continued.

“So I did it.”

My house is big enough for my wife to move into, and it’s also going to be nice, even if it’s not big enough to be her home.

But she’ll have to get used to living with the fact that she won’t be able to move out anytime soon.

“The biggest challenge is that I had a lot of things I had to do to be in the house,” she explained.

“And I think she has a lot to do with that, because she’s going to have to be very careful with everything.”

The idea of owning a big place with lots of stuff, and not being able to go anywhere, is daunting for many women.

“There are so many things you can’t do, like go to the store, to go out to the pool, to play in the pool,” said Lina.

“That’s one of the biggest challenges for women.

They don’t know what they want to do.”

So, she and her husband took it upon themselves to come up with an idea.

They built a big-sized house that they thought would be comfortable for them, but for her to move, they would have to go somewhere else.

So, they took out a $1 million loan from their savings to buy their house.

But, they’re also considering selling their house, to make room for their kids.

The house has a swimming pool and two decks, so that she can have the space she needs for a pool party.

She also has a huge, beautiful, open space on the side.

“We wanted to build the house so that I could just be in it all the time, not have to leave it,” she added.

But Lina and her wife are also looking for a bigger, bigger space for their children, who live in a new house that she’s building.

“It’s going be a lot more space for them to play,” she joked.

The two of them have decided to make their new house into a family-friendly house.

The couple also bought a $3 million house near them, which is a great size, but they also want to make it into a “family-friendly” home.

“Because we’re in our 30s, we want to have a place for our kids to go play,” said her husband.

“When we moved in, we didn.

Now we don’t want them to have any space at all.”

But the challenge with this new home is that it is so big, she added, that she has to be careful about the amount of furniture and decorations that she’ll be able fit in the room.

She said, “We just want it to be comfortable and big enough so we can all be together.”

If she can keep the space, the kids will have enough space for a backyard.

But that also means that she and his wife will have to move more.

“He said, ‘I just want a place that feels like home,'” she said of the children.

“Now I have to make sure that they have a good life and are happy.

But the kids are going to want a space to do things and be around.”

“The house is going to feel like home,” she went on.

“Our kids have a great time in there.”

Lina and Lola’s husband plans to add a few new furniture pieces, like a giant bed and a big

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