My girlfriend likes to play video games and has a PlayStation 4 console…

With a new console launch on the horizon, a lot of people are wondering where they can pick up a PS4.

But is it a good buy?

I took a look at the top 10 most-liked PS4 games for those that don’t have a PS5 to get some insight into what this new console might bring to the table.

As you may have noticed, there are no PS5 games here.

I mean, you’re welcome.

It’s all Xbox One games.

So let’s talk about the best games on PS4 right now.1.

Final Fantasy XV (PS4)If Final Fantasy has a bad reputation, it’s because of the time-consuming way that the series has evolved over the years.

With the PlayStation 4 version, you have the option to play Final Fantasy VII Remastered on a PS3 and you can play the game on a standard PS4 console.

The story and story modes have been expanded with new missions and more.

But what sets the Final Fantasy franchise apart from the rest of the games is the massive amount of content and variety that it contains.

You can play this game on either a PS Vita or a PS 4, and even have it available on both platforms in a few months.

If you want to play the entire series on a console, then Final Fantasy is definitely worth the effort.2.

Final Boss (PS3)If you’re looking for a more casual JRPG, you can’t go wrong with Final Boss.

The main character is a girl who’s had her powers stolen and needs help to regain her power.

It looks great, it plays great, and it’s pretty fun to play.

But don’t let the name fool you, it has plenty of content.

You’ll play a new story, which is where the real fun begins.

You get to help the girls along the way as they get to grips with the game’s combat.

The game’s storyline is actually very much like the story of the original Final Fantasy, so if you haven’t played it yet, don’t fret.

If that’s not your thing, the sequel, Final Boss 2, is still available for PlayStation 4.3.

BlazBlue: Central Fiction (PS Vita)If there’s a better way to spend a day at the office, it would be to spend it in BlazBlue.

The fighting game is one of the best-reviewed fighting games on the PS Vita, and the fact that it has been on the platform for two years and has gotten more and more polished makes it worth playing.

The series was originally created as a fighting game for PlayStation 2, and with the latest update, BlazBlue has gone on to become the most popular fighting game on PS Vita.

The new updates make the game even better and better.

The newest update, which includes new characters and more content, has been out for almost two years now and has more than doubled the number of battles.4.

Persona 5 (PS5)There is a reason why I’m excited to get my hands on Persona 5.

It has everything you’d want in a Persona game: a great cast, fantastic music, fantastic gameplay, and a fantastic story.

It is a game that’s about a girl that was once an apprentice mage and she’s now the main character.

This is a perfect time to jump in and get a taste of the game.

There are plenty of story modes and you’ll even be able to play as the main characters, but the main focus is on the main heroine, Maki.

She’s got an incredible ability called Persona.

She can alter her appearance, change her personality, and change the way she acts and moves.

It’ll be a blast to play through the game, and you don’t need to worry about finding your way to the endgame because the story has a clear ending.5.

Final Fight (PSVR)It’s tough to say which is better, Final Fight VR or Final Fight 4, because each game has their own story.

But if you’re the type of person that loves watching video games, Final Fighter VR is the way to go.

With new content and new characters, this game will definitely make you fall in love with the series.

And it’s going to be a good game.6.

The Order 1886 (PSV)The Order 1886 is a massive, massive game with tons of story, a fantastic cast, and loads of content for PSVR.

It was released in March 2017 and it is the biggest PSVR game yet.

But the PSVR version is also the most expensive, which may be a bit of a pain for a new PS4 owner.

I recommend sticking with the PS4 version because of all the great content.7.

Tales of Hearts 3 (PSP)Tales of Hearts is one thing, but if you don, you might be in for a treat with Tales of Pirates.

This game was released for PS4

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