How to buy a home in Melbourne’s new ‘green’ housing stock

A new “green” housing stock is starting to take shape in Melbourne, with property developers and builders looking to expand into the city’s inner suburbs.

Key points:The Government says the number of affordable homes is “substantially higher” than the previous 12 monthsIt says the Government has committed $50 million to create “Green Towns” in Melbourne by 2020The Government is calling on local councils to be more active in the development of green housingThe Government has pledged to create a “Green Town” of 500,000 units in Melbourne over the next 12 months, and says the region is on track to have one million affordable homes by 2020.

The new green housing stock will include housing for seniors and the homeless.

The Government’s plan is to build up to 400,000 affordable homes over the same period.

“This plan will be a catalyst for growth in our city,” Planning Minister John Rees said.

“We will see the largest influx of affordable housing development in a generation.”

But critics of the Government’s plans say the Government is not doing enough to encourage the development.

“The government has put forward a very weak plan, and there’s been no follow-up,” said Tim D’Souza, who represents the area of North Melbourne where the Government intends to build the new green home stock.

“They have been talking about green houses for some time now, but nothing has happened.”

The plan is expected to cost $150 million, and will be financed by the state’s $4 billion Housing First program, which aims to develop affordable homes in inner-city areas.

But the Government says it is not putting the entire burden on the local community.

“To build this new housing stock, we need to work with councils to ensure that the community is on board,” Minister for Planning Tim Dampier said.’

We need to do it for ourselves’A spokesman for the Prime Minister said he welcomed the plan, but said there was still a lot of work to be done to ensure affordable housing was available in the suburbs.

“Our plan to build affordable housing in the inner suburbs is a key part of the government’s vision for the city, and we need all communities to contribute to that vision, whether they live in inner city suburbs or not,” he said.

He said the Government had committed $10 million over the coming months to build new affordable housing, and would commit another $10m to develop green homes in the outer suburbs by 2020 to create 200,000 homes.

“That will bring in $5 million more in the budget for the next year, but we have to do that because there’s a whole range of different projects that are being developed,” Mr Dampiers spokesman said.

Mr Dampers spokesman said the Greens’ plan was still in the planning stages, and the Greens would also seek to develop the same plan in their own area.

“It’s the same approach we would use if we were in the same area, but the Greens are doing their own thing and I think that’s a good thing,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“I think that the Greens have a lot to contribute.”

But I think it’s a long-term vision, a long term plan, that we need our local communities to participate in.

“If the Greens were to build it, that would be fantastic.”

The Greens also plan to increase the amount of housing for the elderly and disabled in Melbourne to 1.5 per cent of the population by 2020, to encourage people to live longer and help reduce health problems.

“In Melbourne, the median age is increasing, we’re having a population ageing at a rate faster than anywhere else in the world,” Mr Rees told ABC Melbourne.

“We’re going to need to create more affordable homes and people who are older can live longer.”

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