How the price of a couch went up by $500

An American family found themselves in the grips of a costly housewarming crisis last week.

They were among thousands of people in Canada who bought new furniture in an effort to save on their rent, only to find out that the furniture they purchased had been overpriced.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that its investigation into the alleged overpriced purchase of chairs and tables has concluded.

The CPSC says the company was selling a $3,000 model of a sofa that was advertised as a couch for a family of four.

But it said it found that the item was actually a $2,800 model, and that the couch had a price tag of $3.99.

The furniture was sold to a New York City-based company called A-Frame, which used the model number to market the product.

The consumer safety agency said it is not clear how many chairs were actually sold.

But the CPSC said it received more than 600 reports of overpriced furniture over the last year.

The agency said the furniture was listed for sale on the A-frame website, which is operated by an American company.

The company’s website says that it was founded in 2003 by two parents who, after deciding to purchase a home, decided to make their furniture from scratch.

They said that the cost of their new home was about $3 million, but that they were unable to find furniture for the house.

The parents said they did not expect to save much, but they ended up saving $4,000 by buying the furniture online, the CPSP said.

In a statement, the company said it would refund any additional furniture purchases it made.

The investigation found that some of the furniture advertised as being used by the family, including a recliner, were actually used for a bedroom.

The chair and table in question were listed for $3 each, which equates to about $1,000.

The CPSC found that, if the price was correct, the furniture could have cost a family about $2.65 per night, the agency said.

“The CPSCs investigation has concluded that the overpriced chair and the table advertised as used by A-frames family were purchased by a family that had purchased furniture from an online marketplace, which was not intended to be used by a household,” the CPS said in a statement.

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