Al Jazeera’s #OmniLife segment takes viewers behind the scenes of the #Omnivore Challenge: Living with animals

A week after its launch, #OmpiLife, a program from the nonprofit organisation Omnivore Action, is gaining traction with animal activists worldwide.

On Thursday, the online platform released a special edition of the show that covers the lives of all of the 1.6 billion animals that live on Earth.

The segment takes listeners behind the scene of the Omnivoriety Challenge, a global initiative that aims to help animal activists reach their goals by giving them practical advice and tips on how to help the world’s animal population.

The first part of the special aired on Tuesday, and the second one will air on Thursday.

In it, the group interviews four animals from the Ompi Life crew, including a bulldog named Chico, an elephant named Mab, a tiger named Tiger and a monkey named Lula.

The group’s mission is to inspire people around the world to act to stop the killing of the world as we know it.

Chico is the bulldog.

“The animals we are trying to help are so resilient,” says Chico.

“When we put them in a box and put them on a conveyor belt and then bring them back to their natural habitat, it’s like putting a baby in a cold tub.”

The animals on the show have a range of physical and mental health issues.

Some have diabetes, respiratory problems and cancer.

“These animals have a really unique story, and that story has a lot of parallels with our own lives,” said Tracey Dickson, who hosts the show.

“They’re like us, they have a unique bond with the land, they’ve got their own history and they’re struggling with their issues.”

Animals living in boxes at a zoo in China.

Photo: Alamy “They also have a very real connection with their environment,” she added.

“That’s something that we can help change for them, not just in the short term, but over time.”

Animal welfare organisations around the globe have taken notice of the program.

“This is the first time that we’ve seen an omnivore challenge that we know of, where they’re actually trying to save the world,” said Marius van der Heijden, the director of Omnivorous Action, an international non-profit that works to protect animals.

“So we’re very happy with the fact that people are doing this for the first and only time in their lives.”

Dickson said the program will be available to watch on YouTube, but she declined to provide a date or a premiere time.

The program is available for free for the next month, but a new version will be released in a month.

A new version of #OmmiLife will be coming out soon, but not in time for the #PETA protest in Washington, D.C. A month after the program aired, #Peta is hosting a protest against the vegan restaurant chain, PETA, on Wednesday.

“It’s going to be an interesting event for everyone involved, from the animal rights activists to the PETA protesters,” said Dickson.

“I’m not sure that the people in the United States, the people who live in the US, the vegetarians, who are not vegan will really see the value of a vegan diet.”

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